ConneXt Loneworker

Connectivity and visibility to the location and safety of remote workers in near real-time

Do you have workers who operate alone in remote areas? If these workers were exposed to toxic gas, how quickly would you know?

Honeywell’s unique solutions combine wirelessly enabled gas detection and sophisticated cloud based software, reliably keeping safety managers and lone workers connected all the time via cellular or satellite networks. Safety managers have real-time visibility to location, detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics. 

ConneXt Loneworker solutions come in two types — Loneworker Facility and Loneworker Vehicle — helping you make faster, smarter decisions to protect your people and assets while improving productivity.


Loneworker Facility

For workers operating alone in tank farms, storage facilities or other parts of your property, use Loneworker Facility to monitor their safety and location in near real time. Combining a MicroRAE detector with a smartphone and our remote monitoring software, the solution uses Bluetooth to pair the smartphone with the detector and Honeywell’s Safety Communicator mobile app, which relays data from the gas detector to the software.


Loneworker Vehicle

For lone workers who spend their days alone in remote areas, driving from one site to another, equip them with Loneworker Facility for near real time safety and location data, plus vehicle telematics. Loneworker Vehicle is the only solution to combine remote worker gas detection AND vehicle telematics into one web-based monitoring platform. Just combine a MicroRAE gas detector with our vehicle-mounted router and remote monitoring software.

Key Features

  • Remote monitoring of real-time gas readings for each lone worker
  • Instant notification of gas alarms and man down for improved response
  • Cloud-based monitoring platform: combines maps and custom overlays 
  • Compatible with the MicroRAE wireless 4-gas monitor
  • Two-way texting with lone workers
  • Automated reminders on check-in and check-out
  • Panic function on each lone worker’s gas detector
  • Reliable communications over cellular, WiFi and optionally satellite networks
  • Real-time visibility of location, detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics
  • The only one-stop dashboard for tracking the safety and operations of lone workers

Common Markets

  • Oil & Gas



Remark: availability depending on region. Please contact your regional sales support.

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