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  • ConneXt Pack

    ConneXt Pack

    Real-time connectivity with easy-to-use, rapidly deployable, turn-key operation

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  • ConneXt Plus

    ConneXt Plus

    Configurable systems for short-term, wireless gas detection

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  • ConneXt Pro

    ConneXt Pro

    Full enterprise solution enabling continuous plant-wide monitoring

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  • Oil

    Oil & Gas

    Proven gas detection for exploration, refining, and distribution with customizable, plant-wide fixed and wireless solutions.

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  • Fire

    Fire & Hazmat

    Detection solutions and systems for unseen threats in emergency situations.

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  • Industrial

    Industrial Safety

    Plant-wide wireless gas detection that protects workers, assets, and the general public.

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  • National

    National Security and Military

    Personal and area protection for CBRNE and other applications.

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  • Environmental


    Advanced sensor technology to protect people and communities from VOCs and TICs.

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