ProRAE Guardian Software Development Kit

Easy-to-use software integration tool

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Integrate toxic gas and radiation sensor data from the ProRAE Guardian software into custom monitoring and control systems with this easy-to-use tool.
Designed for developers, system integrators, and third-party vendors and built on an open platform, this SDK includes a C Application Programming Interface (C API) functions library, a testing environment, and sample programs.

With the ProRAE Guardian SDK, you can feed real-time data from your RAE Systems detectors and monitors into SCADA, public warning, or analytics systems for either direct action, such as shutting down values or facilities, or further analysis. Because the ProRAE Guardian Data Service program acts as a communications layer between the C API and the wireless detectors, developers are insulated from future changes in the communication protocols or the introduction of new monitors. That means you’ll be able to support all RAE wireless products now and in the future.

  • Versatile software integration tool kit
  • Includes C Application Programming Interface (C API) with rich interface
  • Integrate real-time data into control and analytics systems
  • Supports all RAE wireless devices
  • Test Harness testing environment supports rapid development
  • Includes sample programs
  • Open platform
  • For developers, system integrators, and third-party vendors
  • Support for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP 1.2)
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