Calibration Gases

Single-gas and multi-gas mixtures for monitor calibration

  • oil
  • fire
  • industrial
  • national
  • environment

Ensure maximum accuracy with your RAE monitors through effective and efficient calibration with our calibration gases. Stand-alone gas cylinders range in size from 11 liters to 103 liters, and convenient multi-gas mixtures enable calibration of multiple gases at once, including common mixtures such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and combustibles for LEL sensor calibration. Calibration gases can also be purchased as part of portable kits for calibration in the field. Choose between demand-flow and constant-flow regulators based on your needs.

  • 300+ gases and vapors available
  • 11 - 103 liter volumes
  • Single gas and multi-gas mixtures
  • Available as portable kits
  • Demand-flow and constant-flow regulators

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