RAE Systems New ProRAE Guardian Software Adds Enhanced Safety Features to Wireless Safety Monitoring System

ProRAE Guardian V.1.5 Software Globally Aggregates & Delivers Toxic Gas Threat Data from MultiRAE and ToxiRAE Family of Wireless Monitors to Geographically Dispersed Teams

San Jose, Calif. – March 21, 2012 – RAE Systems, the leader in toxic gas detection systems and portable detectors, today announced the immediate availability of its upgraded ProRAE Guardian (PRG) V.1.5 Windows® based software. The new software globally aggregates and displays remote toxic gas threat data across a wide variety of RAE Systems’ wireless devices and equips incident commanders and safety managers with real-time threat data for time-critical decisions.

The ProRAE Guardian V.1.5 is compatible across the widely deployed MultiRAE and ToxiRAE Pro and AreaRAE families of wireless monitors, enabling instantaneous decision support for safety applications. ProRAE Guardian is the ‘command and control center’ for emergency responders from a broad array of industries where there is a critical need for real-time access to toxic gas and radiation data across geographically dispersed teams. Threat data can be easily accessed in real-time through a secure Internet connection by any authorized user – including global experts in incident remediation and response.

The upgraded version provides ongoing real-time gas detection support for existing wireless devices, with additional features including:

  • New Device Support - RAELink3 Mesh, ToxiRAE Pro family, MultiRAE2 family
  • Fault Alarm Support – New alarm type for device faults such as pump stall and low battery
  • Offline Alarm Support – Ensures minimum number of wireless monitors up and running for complete safety of a facility
  • Runtime Privileges – The program can run without administrator privileges

Real-Time Information Critical for Emergency Responders
When disaster strikes, incident commanders and emergency responders are tasked with making critical, split second decisions about how and where to deploy limited resources– potentially putting personnel and surrounding communities at risk. Government agencies and emergency response departments have been reluctant to implement a real-time monitoring solution due to the back-end complexities and the significant cost of ongoing maintenance and IT hardware.

The ProRAE Guardian Safety Monitoring System offers a cloud-hosted service that requires no IT hardware deployment. Critical data can be accessed securely in real-time by any authorized user – including global experts in incident remediation.

Now, with the new RAE Systems Real-time Wireless Safety Monitoring Systems, incident commanders can quickly set up and establish a ‘mobile command center’ and immediately evaluate the situation and better protect response teams and the public. The ProRAE Guardian application includes built-in cascading feature that displays real-time gas and radiation readings, alarm status, responder location and biometric information from multiple teams displayed on the same screen. The continuous transmission of real-time sensor data and alarms to the command center allows incident commanders to focus on their job by eliminating the need to report readings. The data can then be instantaneously shared and accessed securely through the Internet from virtually any location.

“ProRAE Guardian is a key component of real-time gas monitoring solutions offered by RAE Systems, and we are committed to continually improving its performance capabilities based on feedback received from the field,” stated Thomas Negre, Vice President of Marketing at RAE Systems. “This latest software upgrade addresses a critical need among incident commanders for real-time access to threat data across dispersed teams enabling them to make time-critical decisions while addressing life-threating situations.”

The ProRAE Guardian V.1.5 Windows software is available now for download HERE for new and existing North America customers, or on a CD kit. The previous version of PRG will expire on March 31, 2012. Existing users will need to upgrade to ProRAE Guardian v1.5 in order to maintain functionality of their monitoring devices after March 31, 2012.

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