RAE Systems Introduces Industry’s First Cloud-Hosted Real-Time Gas and Radiation Detection Service

ProRAE Guardian CloudServer Globally Aggregates Detection Data in Real-Time, Increasing Public Protection, Expert Collaboration, and Reducing Response Times

San Jose, Calif., - January 5, 2012 - RAE Systems, Inc. today announced ProRAE GuardianTM CloudServer, the industry’s first cloud-hosted service for real-time detection and sharing of gas and radiation data across multiple remote sites.

The ProRAE Guardian CloudServer service is designed for gas and radiation detection applications in a broad array of industries that require access to real-time critical gas and radiation detection data across geographically dispersed teams. These industries include: Hazmat, industrial monitoring, worker and community protection, oil and gas upstream and downstream facilities, fence line and multiple facility monitoring, and national security and public event protection.

Organizations are looking for systems and solutions to enhance safety in hazardous situations and enable faster response times; The ProRAE Guardian CloudServer answers this demand and fulfills a critical need for real-time data access and sharing.

Until now, companies, government agencies and departments have been reluctant to implement a real-time monitoring solution due to the back-end complexities and the significant cost of ongoing maintenance and IT hardware. The ProRAE Guardian CloudServer provides a cloud-hosted service that requires no IT hardware deployment. Critical data can be accessed securely in real-time by any authorized user – including global experts in incident remediation.

“Organizations cannot afford to risk worker, public, responder and industrial safety when a critical situation arises. The sharing of gas and radiation detection data in real-time with dispersed teams is extremely important,” stated Thomas Nègre, RAE Systems Vice President of Products and Marketing. “There has been a dramatic increase in demand from Incident commanders for an expert monitoring and evaluation system that provides critical data in real-time and has ability to be accessed via the cloud; The ProRAE Guardian CloudServer is the first and only system to meet this need.”

About ProRAE Guardian CloudServer
The ProRAE Guardian CloudServer is a subscription-based service that is hosted and maintained by RAE Systems in a secure and fail-safe environment to ensure uninterrupted service 24/7. The ProRAE Guardian CloudServer operates from inside and outside firewalls and supports up to 32 ProRAE Guardian host installations for data aggregation and up to 32 remote viewers. ProRAE Guardian is turnkey solution features an easy, hassle free set-up and installation process that enables remote monitoring of data in real-time.

ProRAE Guardian CloudServer
The ProRAE Guardian CloudServer is available now and is sold directly by RAE Systems in the United States. Outside the U.S., this service is available both through the company and authorized RAE Systems channel partners. Customers interested in information or purchasing the ProRAE Guardian CloudServer service should contact RAE Systems’ local distributor or their regional sales manager.

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About RAE Systems
RAE Systems is a global sensor and wireless-system innovator that designs and manufactures a full line of fixed, portable, handheld and personal chemical-, compound- and radiation-detection instruments. The company’s life- and health-saving detectors are built using RAE Systems’ proven technology, and are used in 120 countries by many of the world’s leading industrial corporations, first responders and government agencies.

The Silicon Valley-based company offers a wide range of rugged, yet easy-to-use monitors that enable continuous, real-time safety- and security-threat detection in nearly every environment, along with wirelessly connected solutions that lead the industry in performance and reliability. RAE Systems’ intrinsically safe and globally certified monitors help elevate safety for workers, responders and the public at large, reduce project downtime, and improve incident-response time. Learn more at raesystems.com.