RAE Systems Extends Reach and Delivery of Calibration Services For Radiation Detection Customers

New, Authorized Regional Facilities Provide Customers with a Cost-Effective, Timely Service For Keeping Workers Safe and Radiation Detection Monitors Accurate

San Jose, Calif., - September  24, 2012 – RAE Systems, the leader in  gas and radiation detection systems and portable detectors, today announced that it has secured agreements with two new authorized calibration facilities that extend the reach for calibration of radiation detection products for its U.S. customers.

The facilities, Qal-Tek Associates in Idaho and MJW Technical Services, Inc. in New York, are the first RAE Systems-authorized services to provide customers with regional access to instrument calibration services for all RAE Systems radiation products.

Until now, all RAE Systems customers needing calibration services on their radiation detection equipment have been required to send instruments to a third-party service provider or to RAE Systems’ testing facility. With the new authorized facilities in place, customers can now ship or bring their devices in for calibration services to the regional facility nearest to them. This allows for a much more convenient, timely service turnaround and ensures that instruments are calibrated by RAE Systems-authorized centers to standards that meet original factory settings.

“The regular testing and calibrating of radiation detection monitors is a critical safety component for ensuring that instruments are accurate and can be relied upon in potentially deadly environments,” stated William Kolbeck, Vice President of Radiation Instrument Business for RAE Systems. “We established our new regional calibration labs in order to provide our customers with a timely, cost-effective solution for servicing their equipment to ensure worker safety, while eliminating the headache of associated costs due to lost productivity and facility down time from long product service cycles.”

The new Qal-Tek Associates and MJW Technical Services regional calibration facilities are open and available now to all RAE Systems radiation customers. Customers can learn more by calling RAE Systems’ toll-free number (877)723-2878, or contacting the facilities directly.

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