Safety Communicator FAQ

General Questions

1. What is Safety Communicator (SC)?

Safety Communicator (SC) is a mobile application for both industrial-grade and non-industrial-grade smartphones. Available for both Android and iOS phones, it enables real-time communication between a worker’s personal safety instruments and a remote monitoring system such as ProRAE Guardian.

2. How many personal instruments can be connected to a Safety Communicator app via Bluetooth?

Up to 8 different instruments can be connected to a Safety Communicator via Bluetooth connection.

3. Which phones does Safety Communicator app support?

Safety Communicator is available for both Android and iOS phones that meet the following criteria:

  1. Phones running Android OS 4.4 or higher:
    1. Samsung Galaxy S5 
    2. Sonim XP7 
    3. Sonim XP7 IS (Intrinsically Safe)
  2. Phones running iOS OS 8 or higher:
    1. iPhone 5 and 5S
    2. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
    3. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

NOTE: Sonim phones come with Safety Communicator pre-installed when purchased from Honeywell.

4. How do I connect my personal devices to Safety Communicator?

You can connect supported instruments to Safety Communicator app via Bluetooth. The app provides step-by-step instructions to connect instruments.

5. How much does a Safety Communicator app cost? 

You can download Safety Communicator app from Google Play store free of charge on one of the supported phones. However, you need a ProRAE Guardian license to log into Safety Communicator and display readings on the phone and transmit them to remote ProRAE Guardian.

6. Can I use my existing ProRAE Guardian credential to log into Safety Communicator?

Yes. Your ProRAE Guardian system administrator can update your current account credentials by adding additional access for Safety Communicator.

7. Which instruments are supported by Safety Communicator app?

  1. MicroRAE and Bio-Harness instruments are supported on the Android Safety Communicator
  2. MicroRAE is the only instrument supported by iOS Safety Communicator

We plan to support additional devices in the near future.

8. How secure is Safety Communicator app?

Safety Communicator uses standard encryption protocols to ensure the security of data transmitted from your instruments to a remote ProRAE Guardian.

9. Does Safety Communicator app capture alarms from connected instruments?

Yes. All alarms from connected instruments are captured by Safety Communicator and transmitted to a remote ProRAE Guardian.

NOTE: In an event when Safety Communicator is not able to communicate with a remote ProRAE Guardian due to network unavailability, its stores instrument readings on the phone in a secured local cache. The app transmits readings to the remote ProRAE Guardian as soon as it detects network connectivity and removes them from the local cache.

10. As a user, how can I make sure my device is correctly connected to the phone as well as with remote ProRAE Guardian?

There are multiple ways to ensure that your personal devices are connected to both phone and to ProRAE Guardian.

Connection with Phone

  1. A confirmation notice is displayed after you successfully connect your instruments with your phone.
  2. On the device dashboard screen, there is a green check () next to your device icon and a Bluetooth icon ( ) next to your device’s name, which indicates that your instrument is connected with your phone.

Connection with ProRAE Guardian

  1. A yellow Safety Communicator app icon in the top left corner indicates connection with a remote ProRAE Guardian while a gray color indicates the app is disconnected.
  2. A note on the app dashboard informs you that the app is not connected to ProRAE Guardian.

11. How much of my data plan will Safety Communicator use to transfer data to ProRAE Guardian?

  1. One instrument connected to Safety Communicator for 8 hours uses approximately 25 MB.
  2. Two instruments connected to Safety Communicator for 8 hours use approximately 30 MB in total.


12. I have my Safety Communicator phone configured to communicate with a remote ProRAE Guardian over a WiFi network in my plant. What will happen to my phone connectivity with ProRAE Guardian if I move away from WiFi coverage in my plant?

Safety Communicator is designed to seamlessly switch from WiFi connectivity to 3G/4G/LTE and vice versa, as long as the service is available.

13. Who do I contact for support?

  1. For the Safety Communicator app, contact the Honeywell Support Team:
    Phone: 1-888-723-4800 
  2. For Sonim Phone support, contact Sonim Technologies:
    Phone: 1-888-218-6999