Safety Communicator

Personal information and communication hub

  • Oil & Gas
  • Fire & Hazmat
  • Industrial Safety

Safety Communicator (SC) is an Android-based mobile application and phone that enables real-time communication between a worker’s personal safety instruments and a remote monitoring system. The phone and the application act as a personal communication hub for a worker, which collects instrument readings and alarms from instruments over Bluetooth (BLE) or Wi-Fi and transmits in real time to a remote system over a 3G/4G communication network. The application also transmits a worker’s information and location to the remote system, which allows safety managers to quickly react and provide necessary assistance in case of an emergency to promote worker safety.

  • Android Mobile Application
  • Ultra Ruggedized Intrinsically Safe Smart Phone
  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Worker Location Tracking
  • Instruments Association
  • Personal profile and Setting
  • Push-to talk 
  1. FCC
  2. IECEx
  3. ATEX
  4. CSA
  5. CE

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